Motivation - 10 Steps to Achieving Your Goals

Motivation is a fundamental requirement for us to achieve our goals. How well and fast we achieve our goals is based on how motivated we are. When a person is trying to achieve goals it is important to try to find the motivation to attain them efficiently and effortlessly. Since we are all interested in health and fitness, it is easy to use motivation within exercise content.

1. When changing your lifestyle do not make too many changes at once. Start gradually and get used to those changes. It is much easier to give up smoking or drinking, than to give up both at the same time. Or it is much easier to exercise twice a week rather than setting an initial goal of exercising 4-5 times a week.

2. When you are making a lifestyle changes try not to leave gaping holes within your lifestyle. If you are giving up smoking or drinking, try to occupy your time doing other things to take your mind off the cravings.

3. If you find it difficult to keep with the new lifestyle, rather than give up and go back to your old ways, try something else. It is not a crime to get bored of something. Only when you are happy and satisfied with what you are doing will you achieve your goals.

4. When changing your lifestyle, try to get a friend or loved one to do it with you. A problem shared is a problem halved. It is much easier to start an exercise programme with a friend; you have someone to talk through your experience with and what you are achieving.

5. If you have a particular interest or hobby, try and base the changes around something that you like doing. If you want to get fit then this method will not only help you achieve your goals but increase your skill level as well.

6. Reward yourself for achieving short term goals along the way. There is nothing more satisfying than going to the shops and treating yourself.

7. With certain changes, you can allow yourself to indulge so that you're not cutting everything out of your lifestyle right away. You can indulge your passion when you have achieved short term goals.

8. If you have many changes that you would like to make to your lifestyle, then choose one that is most easy to achieve first. Many of us have a number of things we would like to change about ourselves. Take the easiest one first and work your way up to the most difficult one. Achievements come in small steps until you start to get going and build up motivation.

9. Focus on the positive aspects of what you are trying to achieve and not the negative aspects. When you feel yourself starting to flag or get bored, reflect on what you have already achieved.

10. As with everything, achieving change is not easy. The better you research and plan how you are going to change, the more you will know and the easier it will be. When planning a lifestyle change it is important to look at the way you are going to achieve your goals.

One of the main factors in a lifestyle change such as getting fit or losing weight is the major change to a lifestyle that we are happy and comfortable with. To sustain a change takes determination, but when you have achieved your goals you feel as if you are conquering the world.