Dentures: Keep Them Clean For Health

After having lost many or all of one's teeth it is necessary to have a prosthetic set created and fitted to allow proper speech and food consumption. These sets of dentures have advanced in ways that now allow them to be almost identical in function and appearance to one's natural tissue. While they may look the same they are not and require a different type of care than one usually has for oral hygiene. With the correct steps and techniques it is possible to get the most out one's prosthetics.

Not keeping one's dentures clean can result in seriously negative consequences. Not only will they look bad and smell bad but also debris and bacteria can actively damage and destroy one's beautiful set of fake teeth. Even if a person is fairly diligent in trying to maintain these inserts it is possible to damage them by using the wrong products or techniques. All that is necessary is to take the necessary precautions when handling and cleaning these pieces.

First of all never use hot water to try and get one's dentures clean. Although many think that it will assist in the sterilization and hygiene it can also cause damage to the delicate soft parts of the units. Also, do not use a regular toothbrush to scrub the surfaces. Doing this will sometimes leave very fine scratches that become breeding grounds for bacteria and often contribute to foul odors. Instead use a special brush that the dentist prescribed just for this purpose. Be careful also while inserting and removing one's dentures that they are held onto tightly. Saliva can make things slippery and if these pieces were to fall to the floor they are highly likely to chip or break and that is going to look bad and be expensive to fix. Finally, always soak these dental appliances in a specialized solution overnight to keep them as fresh and clean as possible. Taking these measures will certainly ensure that these pieces look and smell their best but there are even more important needs for good hygiene. Bacteria trapped between the gum and these units can cause infections and discomfort. Similarly a chipped or cracked piece could cut the mouth and allow these bacteria to get into the body. One's health should be considered important above all else.

Dentures offer an alternative to living with the embarrassment and discomfort of missing teeth. While they look good and work well they are not without their faults. It can be difficult to keep these prostheses in place and that is why an increasing number of dentists are using dental implants to anchor the false teeth to the gums and keep them secure and attractive.