Ew! Why Does My Gas Smell So Bad?

Passing gas is 100% natural and normal in every single human being living on the face of this earth. Even animals need to pass gas in order for their body to work properly.

Unfortunately, our passing of gas could cause horrible smells depending on many different factors.

Truth is that farts do smell, and it does not always have a pleasant smell to it. Some find it disgusting, others just try to ignore it, but bottom line is that it is going to happen no matter what.

We cannot avoid passing gas, and truth is that sometimes our gas is going to smell.

Why does our farts smell?

Well, most of the time, our intestinal gas consists of Nitrogen. This is the primary gas that is released when we release it from our body.

Carbon dioxide is another prominent gas that is found in our intestinal farts. When these two gases mix together, they usually do not create the best smell known to mankind.

Sulfur is also found in the farts we release from our body, which is the main cause for the unpleasant odor released.

Compounds found in our farts that contain sulfur are hydrogen sulfide, dimethyl sulfide, and methanethiol. These chemicals are the main reason why passing gas can sometimes smell so horrible.

Why do we pass gas?

Gas is passed through out intestines the same way that feces are passed through out intestines. Peristalsis is the movement of material through the intestines, and we can thank peristalsis for moving gas through our intestine as well.

Farts can cause extreme discomfort if it is held in too long. The sound that our gas makes depends on the velocity of the gas and how tight our anal sphincter muscles are being held.

Farts are caused by many things. Eating and drinking different types of foods and drinks could cause gas. Drinking too much carbonated drinks could cause gas after extended use.

Indigested food in our intestine could leave the body in the form of gas, which could also be responsible for the horrible smell that gas brings along with it.

Many foods also stimulate gas production in our body, such as beans. This is because in our large intestine the bacteria found there feed on the beans, which can cause gas to be expelled from the body. Other foods that cause farting are dairy products, garlic, potatoes, broccoli, and other common vegetables.

Avoiding these foods or eating them only in small amounts can help to avoid the harsh smell that comes along with passing gas and can also help to avoid gas in the first place.

Eating less dairy and also less carbonated drinks can help to avoid gas being expelled from the body. Sometimes, there are over the counter medications that can be taken for those who have extreme farting problems.

Too much or too little gas being passed could be a problem, and these medications can help with it.