How To Buy The Best Products for Good Health

A number of household products are manufactured by companies, but instead of doing good, they pose a number of serious health risks. It is not only what is inside the bottle or tub that is dangerous, sometimes the bottle is as dangerous as what is inside it. Start paying attention to what you are using in your home and you could be surprised at what you find out. Many chemicals interfere with your body on a hormonal level and can cause chronic and permanent illness and bad health.

Here's the dirt on which chemicals you need to banish from your home, in the interests of clean, green living:

Perfluoroalkyl Acids

Found on non-stick pots, pans and cooking skillets, Perfluoroalkyl Acids release serum lipids when you use them, which can lead to high cholesterol levels, even if you are doing your utmost to cook without added oils and saturated fats, building up in your arteries.
Bisphenol (BPA)

A really common plastic softener, Bisphenol is all around us. It is used in plastic containers like water and babies' drinking bottles, cans and plastic containers. It can cause imbalances with your own hormones, and high levels of exposure have been associated with various forms of cancer, diabetes and obesity.


Triclosan is an antibacterial chemical that can be found in a range of personal products like toothpaste, facial washes, cleaners, soaps and deodorants. Because it is such a strong antibacterial agent, it also kills good bacteria, which can weaken your immunity and make you more susceptible to sickness. It is especially bad news when it mixes with the chlorine in water, which is what happens with soaps, facial cleansers and toothpastes.

Triclosan can also disrupt your endocrine system and has been linked to incidences of diabetes, cancer and obesity as well as birth defects in unborn babies.

According to Wikipedia,"The endocrine system is made of a series of glands that produce chemicals called hormones." (


Phthalates are used to make plastics more flexible and are most commonly found in makeup, cosmetics, perfumes and solvents. They have been linked to breast cancer, obesity and sexual dysfunction.

Polybrominated Flame Retardants

Polybrominated flame retardants are used to stop furniture and mattresses from catching alight, and can also be found in various kinds of household plastic. It has been linked to birth defects and is under study for its impact on the environment.

Buying natural products that do not contain known toxins and chemicals is the first step to ensuring a happier, healthier family.